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Charles G. Smith II
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Hey I'm Grant, from my folders you can see I do animations, granted they're not that great but I'll eventually get better. I'm studying Art Studio at Santa Fe College to receive an Associates to transfer to the University of FL where I plan to get a Bachelors in Digital Animation. I am also in the Army National Guard for the state of Florida as a 91D (Power Generator Mechanic). Mostly I do journal updates to keep you guys in the loop as to what's going on and occasionally I'll submit a doodle drawing out of boredom. My current computer isn't powerful enough to meet the demands of my animation software and I don't have the money to buy a technologically advanced computer so I have to make due with what I got. Although I'm not proud with the lack of art in my portfolio, I am proud of the attempts I've made of trying to put art in my portfolio. So browse my poor excuse of an art profile and hopefully you find something you like.
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    This is my last journal entry until further notice, I leave 14 October and I don't know when I'll be back. I'm going to back track some because in my digging around fandom of the different groups I'm a fan of I've come across some disturbing news, so for those of you that are fans of K-Pop I would advise skipping the isolated paragraph because I don't want to open that wound again. So far 2014 has been the worst year for K-Pop. In my own personal life things have been going smoothly, for the most part, I have just completed my paperwork so I can return to Ft. Jackson to either A: Be sent to AIT or B: Return to Hell and pray my body won't give out. I'm praying for option A to be the reality. The Fall A semester is coming to a close, I have four more days for each class left and then I'll be done. :D I don't have much else going on at the current moment, so this is a rather short journal. Now onto the more disturbing news, again if you are an avid K-Pop follower and do NOT want to be pained with a reminder of what's happened in the past month do NOT read the following paragraphs.

    So for those of you that don't already know, I am a big fan of K-Pop, I've been looking around since 2011 but I didn't start getting heavily into it until about early 2012 and no not because of Psy. I didn't even know who Psy was until about December of that year. I started out listening to Girls' Generation or as the hardcore SONE's call them SNSD, then I started branching out to 4Minute, Hyuna, 2NE1, CL, Big Bang, etc. I consider myself a SONE, and I know, it's pretty much blasphemy to be a fan of SNSD and 2NE1 but my fandom for 2NE1 was heavily influenced by my late fiance being close friends with Sandara Park. Anyway, Jessica was let go from Girls' Generation. For my own safety I'm not going to fuel either side of the rumors, from what I have read Jessica was notified by SM that she is no longer a member of GG. Everything that went on yesterday was chaotic, I thought everyone in support of SNSD was going to show up at SM and burn the building down to the ground. People were outright furious, some even went as far as to saying they were going to boycott SM. Now, I could care less about the companies, whether it's YG, SM, LOEN (1theK), YMC, etc. but boycotting the company will ultimately hurt the groups in the companies. Sure the companies will hurt from loss of revenue but because of that loss of money they would have to make even more cuts and it would be punishing the music groups. So for those of you wanting to boycott SM, just remember, there's more than just the company that will suffer. Going back to Jessica's removal, when I first heard the news it didn't bother me all that much, after I woke up I felt like I did the morning after losing my fiance, like I was hoping that this was all just a bad dream. In reality she's just a stranger but I've been a fan of the group for years so I guess I was much more attached to them than I thought.
    In digging to find more about this I came across a poll in which the votes were cast towards whether or not Jessica's removal was the worst thing to ever happen. So naturally I read the comments and noticed one person commented that this was nothing compared to the Ladies Code crash. This is where I wish my curiosity should've quit. I wouldn't consider myself a fan of Ladies Code, but there were a few songs of theirs that I enjoyed. I quit listening because I wasn't getting anymore YouTube posts so I thought they just fell under the radar, boy was I wrong, I was horribly wrong. In the beginning of September there was a horrific car accident that claimed two of the girls. I saw the funeral videos for both girls, even though I didn't know them I cried watching the videos. I agree with the person in the comments of that poll, Jessica's removal has nothing on the Ladies Code tragedy. I don't know what it is but I feel connected to all of these groups so when things like this happen it feels like my world has started to crumble.
    Well that's it from me, I'm going to go to bed I ain't feeling so well. Not only from the this but I think I drank too much, although that liquor is starting to taste good.


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