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Charles G. Smith II
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United States
Hey I'm Grant, from my folders you can see I do animations, granted they're not that great but I'll eventually get better. I'm studying Art Studio at Santa Fe College to receive an Associates to transfer to the University of FL where I plan to get a Bachelors in Digital Animation. Mostly I do journal updates to keep you guys in the loop as to what's going on and occasionally I'll submit a doodle drawing out of boredom. My current computer isn't powerful enough to meet the demands of my animation software and I don't have the money to buy a technologically advanced computer so I have to make due with what I got. Although I'm not proud with the lack of art in my portfolio, I am proud of the attempts I've made of trying to put art in my portfolio. So browse my poor excuse of an art profile and hopefully you find something you like.
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Hey everyone, it's that time again for me to ramble on about stuff. As most of you know, I enlisted into the Army National Guard for the state of Florida and have been having some "problems" during my enlistment. During my first cycle of Basic Combat Training I sustained an injury to the femoral neck of my hip so I was granted 30 days convalescent leave to recover before returning to duty and completing BCT. I was seven days away from graduation with all required training completed. Upon my return to BCT I was retained by my current BCT unit, which had just started the new cycle of BCT, so ultimately I was recycled instead transferring out to a unit getting ready for graduation. Which was my fault in a way, my Drill Sergeant and I came to an agreement to be sent to a unit going into the last week of White Phase (Week 6 of 9) to catch up on PT so I could pass the Final PT Test without the fear of possible failure. Battalion saw the proposal and decided that I should remain at the current because by the time the paperwork would be completed the unit would be at that stage. So of course I was hating life even more, and of course I made it through to the end of the cycle but my injury reoccurred because BCT is pretty much a real life Groundhog Day (1993) and so history just repeated itself. This is where things get strange, the National Guard liaison released me from Active Duty instead of discharging me from the Army, so I was sent home still a member of the Army National Guard. I was given a new ship date to return to BCT, all I needed was to be cleared medically by a doctor. So naturally I went to the closest military base to be cleared medically. I also discovered that my military records showed that I was a graduate of BCT and was told to bring it up when I ship. Two weeks before I was supposed to ship MEPS changed policy on how REFRAD soldiers were to be cleared medically. My military clearance wasn't good enough for MEPS, I had to be cleared by MEPS doctors. The day I was supposed to ship I found out two things, one, my file was never read, two, because I was never issued a DD220 they would not honor my records of BCT graduate. For the past three months I sat in wait expecting a call for orders to go to BCT or Advanced Individual Training (AIT), I had also written to the Senators, instead I received an email from my Drill Sergeant here in Florida stating I will be receiving a General Discharge under Honorable Conditions for failure to be MOS qualified within 24 months. Basically what that means, for those that don't know, I am being kicked out because I was unable to go through AIT and be job qualified before my 2 year enlistment anniversary. (Not that it was my fault, if you want the full rant with swearing and all, go to my Tumblr.)
On a much happier note, my discharge isn't the end of the world since I'm almost eligible for financial aid again Santa Fe College is still a possibility. I have 26 credits right now, four more and I will be a sophomore. I'm about half way through my AA so I can transfer to the University of Florida to not only earn my 4 year degree but when I graduate I will also be commissioned into the United States Army. Which in my case will be a big promotion, from Private First Class to Second Lieutenant. Enough with my life though, onto the virtual world.
My friend convinced me to do the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV for the PlayStation 4. Now I played Final Fantasy XI for the Xbox 360, I was not impressed by the $15 subscription or the game since I couldn't figure out how to get out of the first building. So I was very wary of playing Final Fantasy XIV, but after a week of playing I have to say that this game is impressive. I even went so far as to look up the subscription fees which from what I found work for a college kid like me. After my bills are paid and other necessities are met I will be going out and buying this game that is how much I like this game.
Well, that's all I have for now. Sorry it's such a long entry I wasn't expecting it to be this long.  Anyway, take care, don't do anything I wouldn't do.

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